The proper term is epistaxis, but we’re all familiar with them as “nosebleeds,” even if they haven’t happened to us personally.  Why do they occur?  How do they occur?  What can be done about them?  And most importantly, does it necessitate a doctor’s visit?  We’ll try and have all these questions answered for you. Because… Read More Nosebleeds

Toy Recalls

It may not seem like a common occurrence, but toy recalls do happen for one reason or another.  While some toys may be defective, there are times when your child’s health is at risk.  Chemicals in the paint or pieces in the structure can go unnoticed before a toy is released.  It is important to… Read More Toy Recalls

Trouble Sleeping?

Insomnia affects a lot more people today than ever before.  It actually affects a lot more people in every age group.  You’ve probably seen or heard commercials advertising medications or supplements to help induce better sleep.  We know that some people can be adverse to these kinds of medicines, so we’re here to offer some… Read More Trouble Sleeping?