Personal Items Affect Personal Hygiene

Our personal items extend far beyond our toiletries these days. We’ve all been told at one time or another to NOT share our toothbrushes, hairbrushes, and even hats with others. The risk of spreading illnesses or catching illness is something we’d rather avoid, right?

Personal Items in the Modern Age

We may not realize it, but our personal electronic devices are now just as personal and most certainly used more often than our toothbrushes. We even have to politely ask people to stop using them in movie theaters, classrooms, and other locations because of how often we use them.  Usage, in this case, almost always entails putting our hands all over the device (we doubt there’s anybody who exclusively uses Siri). So when we’re sick, we’re putting our germs all over our cellphones, tablets, MP3 players, etc. The risk comes into play when we begin to share our devices with one another.

cell phone in hand

“But My Phone is My Personal Item”

Correct. The occasions upon which we ask to use someone else’s toothbrush or comb would be few and far between even without the “icky” factor. Even though you may not let someone borrow your phone for a whole day, showing photographs or videos to friends can often result in your phone ending up in their hands for a brief period of time. In case you’re trying to wonder which are the most common illnesses spread through direct contact, let us help you out: the common cold and the flu. We don’t want either of those! This isn’t to say that you need to shield your phone in an air-sealed tank whenever you go over to your friends’ houses. You should, however, consider giving your phone a frequent wipe-down with some disinfectant wipes in ADDITION to washing your hands frequently (as we’ve discussed before). The same goes for the tablets, MP3 players, and ebooks. Those are some of the MOST shared devices, because it’s just so much fun to share a great photo, story, or video with someone else.

personal item cell phone

So don’t stop sharing whatever makes you happy with others. Just be sure to wash your hands or wipe your phone now and then. It is very inconsiderate to get others sick unwittingly, and it can be very frustrating knowing one someone has gotten you sick.

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