Earth Day Portrait DIY!

At Bakersfield Pediatrics we love our planet Earth! Despite using our best scientific minds, we have yet to find any place like it in the known universe. Which is crazy to think about considering how many billions of planets are out there and not one is quite like Earth. This is why we want to encourage kids to appreciate our home and all that it provides for us with a series of fun and “earth-y” crafts just in time for Earth Day on April 22nd.

Earth Day 1
Read more to learn how to make this!

Here is our first one: Portrait of Spring. With many crafts, especially children’s ones, there isn’t a sense of longevity. They tend to get made and thrown out. That didn’t seem very “Earth Day” to us, so with this project we focused on something that will last and can even be passed down to future generations. For this project your are going be creating a personal work of art from natural materials you find around your backyard or neighborhood park.

Things you will need:

  • Large piece of white paper
  • Camera or Camera phone
  • Basket or bowl
  • Frame

Step One: Explore!

In this step you need to put yourself into the shoes of an explorer. What is just a rock or leaf to you is something completely new and exciting to someone who has never seen it before. Think of this part almost like you landed on an alien planet, what specimens would you bring back as an example of the nature there?

Earth Day 2
Strawberries just beginning to ripen from green to red. 

Step 3: Collect!

Start collecting whatever natural objects interest you. Remember that we are looking for variety not quantity. You don’t need to go picking every flower, one or two of each object will be good. Also, don’t just stick to green or colorful objects; grounding objects like rocks, branches, and dead leaves are necessary for balance.

Earth Day 3
Try to find a variety of different objects.

Step 3: Compose!

Layout your paper and start composing your piece. The trick is to give each piece enough space. We started with laying our longer pieces to sort of set the parameters of our shape. Once you have an idea of the edges start filling in the gaps.

Earth Day 4
Close up on a rose and oregano.

Step 5: Photo, Print, & Frame!

Once you are happy with your layout take a picture from above. Try to get a bird’s eye view of your project. When you get a picture you are happy with use an editing app to refine the details. Our personal favorite right now is A Color Story.

Earth Day 5
Our picture before editing.

For printing we went to our local Fedex Printing Center and had our picture printed on a 8×10 photo paper for around $5. Now that it’s printed, get to framing; we chose an inexpensive one from Target.

Earth Day 6
Close up of picture in frame.

Voila! You have yourself a personal “Portrait of Spring.” We hope you try this at home and if you do please let us know by tagging us on Instagram with a photo of your work.

Earth Day 7
 The finished project!

Have a Happy Earth Day!

from everyone at Bakersfield Pediatrics.

Earth Day 8
Cat Tax!

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