Earth Day Animal Planters DIY!

Here is our second Earth Day activity! Learn how to reuse plastic bottles to make adorable animal planters. It’s super easy and fun! Let’s get started!

Earth Day 1
Kitty, Bunny, Hedgehog! Oh My!

What you will need:

  • Plastic Bottles (try to use ones that don’t have many ridges or embellishments)
  • White Spray Paint
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Sharpie Marker/Paint Markers in Black, White and Pink
  • Small pebbles
  • Soil
  • Plants

Step One:

Pick your bottles! Obviously the bigger the bottle the bigger the plant. Try to find bottles that are relatively smooth. That way, our animal faces will lie flat. Wash the bottles and remove the labels. The easiest way is to keep the label intact and run it under hot running water. This will re-animate the adhesive and it should just fall right off. If you have a pesky label that just won’t budge, WD-40 should do the trick.

Earth Day 2
Sunbathing Bottles.

Step Two:

Draw out your design with a sharpie. Be creative!

Earth Day 3
Animals in the making.

If you are having trouble drawing a straight line across, take a string around the bottle and twist it’s ends together. Use a binder clip to keep in place. You can now use the string as a guide.

Earth Day 4
String and binder clip in question.

Step Three:

Now just cut out your design. Start by making a small hole and cut off the majority of the bottle. After that follow the lines!

Earth Day 5
Make sure to practice proper scissor safety!

Step 4:

Paint your bottles. You can paint your pots whatever color you like, however I would start by using a White Spray Paint Primer as a base, that way your paint has a good surface to cling too. After that you can use acrylic paint or chalkboard paint for a nice matte finish. Always use spray paint in a well ventilated area. This is a task for a grown up.

Earth Day 6
My bunny has a little blemish after taking a tumble from the wind. You can put a rock at the bottom to anchor them on breezy days.

Step Five:

This is the best part: paint your animal faces!

Earth Day 7
Remember they don’t have to be perfect. We are looking for originality, not cookie cutter! Unless you have cookies; we want those.

Step 6:

Get planting! Add the small pebbles to the bottom of your pots for water drainage as well as to prevent root rot. If you choose succulents or cacti make sure to use a special soil for Palms and Cacti. When you are planting reduce air bubbles that might be in the soil by pressing down firmly around the base of the plant. We added the small pebbles on the top for decoration.

Earth Day 8
New hair-dos!

We hope you try this Earth Day DIY out! If you do, take a picture and tag us on Instagram with @bakersfieldpediatrics.

We used this DIY as inspiration for this project. We encourage you to visit her site to see how she did it!

If you like this project and are up for more of a challenge, this DIY is right up your alley!

Have a Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day 9
Here we see Animal Planters in their natural environment 🙂

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