Nature Baby: 7 Eco-Friendly Products!

Calling all hippy babies and nature mommas, we have 7 amazing eco-friendly products for you just in time for Earth Day! While all these products are taking steps to be good to our planet, like using recycled materials, they are also wonderfully functional and attractive on top of it and would make lovely gifts for all those Spring baby showers or just because. Diapers

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The Honest.Co Diapers $13.95 per pack.

Honestly, The is a company that is hard not to like. You can’t go wrong with most of their products. Moms have been loving them for years. These diapers in particular are almost too amazing to paraphrase but we will try; super absorbent bio-core of corn/starches, made from plant-base sustainable materials, no chlorine or harsh chemical bleaches, naturally derived odor blockers like citrus, and the ink is free of lead and heavy metals, seriously, all of this on top of being adorable. If you want to try a pack out they are having a sale for EarthDay!

Green Toys 3-D Puzzles

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Green Toys Dump Truck Puzzle $12.99, ages 1+ years.

The picture shown is of their Dump Truck Puzzle toy (which has a name that any kid would love), but really all of their toys are great. What we love about Green Toys is all of their products are made with 100% recycled plastics as well as being packaged with recycled materials. Double recycling points! They are also FDA food contact safe and super engaging for babies just starting to learn fine motor skills.


Aden+Anais Swaddle Blankets

Baby Products 3
Aden+Anais Indigo Swaddle Blankets $45 set of 3.

These Aden+Anais blankets are so incredibly soft you will want not only want one for your baby but also one for yourself. They are made with super soft rayon from sustainable fast-growing bamboo, which is great, but the blanket’s true eco-friendliness lies in its versatility.  You can use these blankets to do more than just swaddle: they are strong enough to use as stroller covers, burp cloths, or the occasional scarf when the going gets tough. Don’t be afraid to abuse these blankets, they wash incredibly well. If your not really into indigo, no worries, they have a bunch of different patterns; anyone will find one they love.

Bumbleride Indie Stroller

Baby Products 4
Bumbleride Indie Stroller $529.

Need a sweet ride? This stroller from Bumbleride has got you covered. It’s like the Tesla of stroller, sporty and sustainable. This stroller was made for all-terrain, perfect for those that like to take the path less travelled. The material is made out of recycled-polyester from plastic bottles. They also use an innovative dye process that uses 88% less water during production. Don’t worry about buying multiple strollers, this can take you from infant to toddlerhood.

Natursutten Pacifier

Baby Products 5
Natursutten Original Pacifier $9.10.

This Natursutten pacifier is made in Italy but has true Danish roots, focusing on a simple design and easy functionality. It’s made out of 100% natural rubber and is softer than silicone so it won’t leave lines on your babies face. The pacifier is also biodegradable and non-toxic. We love the super hygienic design; because of its one piece molded design, there are no joints and cracks for dirt and bacteria to gather.

Babyletto Hudson Crib

Baby Products 6
Babyletto Hudson Crib $379

If your baby’s taste falls more into the contemporary look, this Hudson crib by Babyletto is perfect for them. Not only is it very attractive, but it’s made to last with 3-in-1 capabilities: crib, toddler bed, and day bed.  We love that it’s made from sustainable New Zealand pine and non-toxic materials.

Thinkbaby All-in-One Bottle

Baby Products 7
Thinkbaby All-in-One Set $24.99.

When it comes to being green, it’s always better to do it from the start. With this bottle set from ThinkBaby you won’t have to buy a multitude of new plastic bottles whenever your child outgrows a feeding stage, making them better for the environment as well as your wallet. The key is the different tops for each stage, so you can keep using these bottles from newborn to 48 months.  These bottles are also great for stubborn babies that have difficulty switching between stages.

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