Food Revolution: Kabobs

Food Revolution Day is May 20th this year. If you aren’t familiar with Food Revolution Day or the Food Revolution movement, we encourage you to check out their site for more information and why it’s so important. They even did a collaboration with Ed Sheeran on a #FoodRevolution song; watch that here!

For us, we know that sometimes it takes a little (or a big) nudge to get kids to eat anything remotely healthy. Often times just presenting the same material but in a different way can make a difference; enter the Kabob. The recipes you will see below are all done kabob-style to get those little ones excited to eat their fruits and veggies. Now, if you have a little one that is not of age to be responsible with a pokey stick, then simply omit the stick and serve a-la-deconstructed. As always, it’s a good idea to supervise little ones during meal times.

Alphabet Fruit Kabobs!

Food Revolution: Alphabet Fruit Kabobs
Photo by Brittni Mehlhoft

In this DIY they used these as fun party place holders but we think they would be wonderful for kids to munch on while learning the alphabet. Find the full tutorial here!

Pizza Kabobs!

Food Revolution: Pizza Kabobs
Photo by The Chic.

Who doesn’t love pizza? No one. Okay maybe there is someone but we don’t want to meet them. Get the full recipe for these here!

Peanut Butter and Fruit Kabobs!

Food Revolutions: PB & Fruit Kabobs
Photo by SheKnows.

These are the most perfect little picnic snack; makes us want to buy a blanket and a hula hoop, pronto! See how to make it here!

Frozen Fruit Kabobs!

Food Revolution: Frozen Fruit Kabobs
Photo by

The perfect solution to a healthy popsicle: Frozen Fruit! Both delicious and refreshing; bring it on summer! Full tutorial here!

Sandwich Kabobs!

Food Revolution : Sandwich Kabobs
Photo by

Sometimes sandwiches can get a bit mundane so fresh up your sandwich by cutting out the middle man(bread) for fun take on a classic. Find the recipe here!

We hope you try out these recipes and have a Happy Food Revolution!

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