Talking About ASD Live with the Bakersfield Californian

The last few weeks we have shared some information about Autism Spectrum Disorder through our own animated shorts.  This week we would like to share with you our segment on the Bakersfield Californian’s Live Well program.  It’s not too long, and we actually talked about some additional information aside from what is in our animations.… Read More Talking About ASD Live with the Bakersfield Californian

Autism: Signals

Last week we spoke about Autism Spectrum Disorder, describing what it was and giving a basic understanding.  This week we offer a new animation outlining some of the telltale signals in children at an early age with ASD.  Parents can look for these signs and may notice symptoms earlier than doctors would, because who knows… Read More Autism: Signals

Processed Foods

Some time ago, we sat down with Melissa, our nutritionist, to talk about processed foods.  A lot of children of the newer generation do not know where their food comes from.  This is to be expected, since most of what people eat today comes out of boxes or containers.  Bringing our diets back to whole… Read More Processed Foods